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16.10.2023 World

What photograph encapsulates the values of the Mediterranean Diet?

Foodprint in collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (ΕΜΣΤ), WWF Greece, and the Centre of Environmental Education in Ierapetra-Neapolis, invites individuals of all ages to submit photographic works related to Mediterranean Diet.

Photographers are called to discover the values of the Mediterranean Diet, and depict ideas of cultural heritage, health, and sustainability. The photos will be presented at ΕΜΣΤ in Athens, in October 2023.

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Izložba: Pula

13.10.2023 Hrvatska

U suradnji s Arheološkim muzejom Istre, u Muzejsko-galerijskom prostoru “Sveta srca” u Puli prikazuje se izložba “Foodprint – The Mediterranean Diet Revisited”. Izložba se otvara 13. listopada a pogledati se može do 19. studenog 2023.

Sveta Srca
De Villeov uspon
Pula, 52100, Hrvatska

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Exhibition: Tirana

14.09.2023 Albania

Foodprint visits Tirana, where it will be hosted at the  Tulla Culture Center in collaboration with the Goethe Institut!
The exhibition will be accompanied by photography workshops, documentary screenings and special events- stay tuned!

Tulla Culture Center
Hiqmet Delvina, Nd. 4, Hyrja 2,
Tirana, AL 1000

Tulla Culture Center

  • Datum 14.09.2023-05.10.2022
  • Mjesto Tirana

Exhibition: Athens

14.09.2023 Greece

Foodprint is arriving to Athens, where it will hosted at the The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens- EMΣT.  The exhibition will be held from 14 September to 29 October in collaboration with the museum’s education department. Stay tuned for special events, documentary screenings and workshops!

Address: EΜΣΤ
Kallirrois ave. & amvr. Frantzi str.
(former Fix factory)
Athens, 11743, Greece

  • Datum 14.09.2023-27.10.2023
  • Mjesto Athens

Exhibition: Thessaloniki

06.06.2023 Greece

Foodprint continues it journey to Thessaloniki as part of Thessaloniki Design Week 2023, with the theme Design & Gastronomy, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

The exhibition will be hosted at the Former Nursery Station at the Port of Thessaloniki from the 6th June until the 11th of June 2023, and will continue at the Goethe-Institut premises from June 14th until the 14th of July.

Former Nursery Station ‘The Glass House’
Navarchou Votsi, Thessaloniki 546 25
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Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki
Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 66, Thessaloniki 546 42
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Workshop: the prehistory of the Med Diet

12.02.2023 Cyprus

«Mediterranean Diet: From the Neolithic period to today»

Workshop for children aged 8-12 years exploring the roots and timelessness of the Mediterranean Diet, from the Neolithic period until today.

Guided by Archaeologists-Researchers from the Cyprus Institute, during the workshop there are three stations where the children explore ancient seeds (Archaeobotany), animal bones (Zooarchaeology) and human bones (Bioarchaeology) which can be found in an excavation.

Organised by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and the Cyprus Institute.

  • Datum 12.02.2023-12.02.2023
  • Mjesto Nicosia

Food and Photography Workshop

11.02.2023 Cyprus

“Tangy: a celebration of citrus in Mediterranean cuisine”

As part of the Foodprint Project, the Goethe-Institut Cyprus organised a cooking and photography workshop for adults.

Participants have the opportunity to cook vegetarian recipes using seasonal and local produce. These recipes have been inspired by the Mediterranean diet and developed by Manolis Melissaris (the λoneλy oλive), who leads the cooking workshop. Everyone receives a leaflet with the recipes prepared at the workshop, so that they can cook them themselves at home, as well as interviews and information on the Mediterranean diet.

Photographer Stelios Demetriou gives participants tips on what to pay attention to when photographing food with their mobile phones, both during the food preparation process as well as the finished dishes. The cooking and photography workshop take place in a professional kitchen, giving participants the opportunity not only to see what professional kitchens look like, but to prepare food in this environment themselves.

The workshop ends by enjoying the meal that was jointly prepared, accompanied by a glass of local wine.

Photography Workshop

04.02.2023 Italy

A 2-day photography workshop at the Santa Giulia Museum, with acclaimed photographer Chris de Bode.
The fist day of the workshop, includes an introduction to photographic techniques as well as an outdoor photographic excursion in three local restaurants. The second day of the workshop is spent analysing the images produced and discussing the creation of a visual narrative.

Cooking Workshop: Cypriot Tapas

04.02.2023 Cyprus

Leading researcher of Cypriot gastronomy, Marilena Ioannidou will showcase how to make unusual and delicious snacks that can accompany wine, cocktails or drinks. These contemporary, easy recipes draw inspiration from traditional Cypriot cuisine, whilst also using local products.
The action is co-organized with the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO.

Those interested can register by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Datum 04.02.2023-04.02.2023
  • Mjesto Nicosia

Lecture and Cooking Workshop

03.02.2023 Cyprus

Clinical Dietician / Nutritionist Georgina Theofanous will give a talk on the Mediterranean Diet, in which she will discuss the characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet, its beneficial effects on our physical and mental health, as well as ways we can incorporate it into our daily lives. This will be followed by a workshop in which participants will learn to make easy, healthy wraps.

Those interested can register by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Datum 03.02.2023-03.02.2023
  • Mjesto Nicosia

Photography Workshop

27.01.2023 Cyprus

A 2-day photography workshop on the theme of the Mediterranean diet, for young people aged 18-26, will take place under the guidance of award-winning photographer Myrto Papadopoulos.

The workshop will start at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation where there will be a guided tour of the Foodprint photography exhibition. This will be followed by an introduction to documentary photography and portraiture. The following day, a photographic excursion take place, in which students will be invited to create a photographic narrative around the concept of food and identity.

  • Datum 27.01.2023-28.10.2023
  • Mjesto Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Exhibition: Nicosia

19.01.2023 Cyprus

The photography exhibition is hosted at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, located in the heart of Nicosia Old Town.
It is accompanied by educational activities, photography workshops and special events, co-organised with Goethe-Institut Cyprus, the Cyprus Food Museum and the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
86-90 Phaneromenis Str., 1011 Nicosia, Cyprus
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Parallel activities: Brescia

10.01.2023 Italy

A rich programme of activities for kids, families and adults is hosted in and around the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia, in parallel to the photography exhibition!

From photography workshops to tasting events and slowfood gatherings to family recipes, this 2-month event calendar caters for every taste.

Click the link to check the programme and book your place!

Activities for schools: Brescia

10.01.2023 Italy

A rich programme of activities especially organised for schools is hosted in Brescia, in parallel to the photography exhibition!

Click the link to check the calendar of events and book your place!

Exhibition: Brescia

09.01.2023 Italy

The photography exhibition is hosted at the Santa Giulia Museum.
Recognized as a UNESCO site, Santa Giulia is part of the Brescia Museums circuit spanning from the Roman Age to the 20th Century, and is the most visited in all of Northern Italy.
The opening ceremony takes place at 5.30 p.m. following a press conference at 11.00 a.m. in the Auditorium. The catering is offered by the CFP Canossa culinary school -whose students participated in the creation of some of the exhibition photos.
In the context of Foodprint, a special educational programme about food in antiquity are available to schools and young visitors.

Herbs & Spices of the Med

03.12.2022 Turkey

Author, historian, gardener and spice enthusiast Nazlı Pişkin, invites you to a journey through Mediterranean cuisine with a special focus on fragrant herbs and spices. Workshop participants will discover the importance of herbs and spices in the Mediterranean diet, how they were used in different periods and civilizations, cooking techniques and more…

Culinary walk

01.12.2022 Turkey

Culinary Backstreets put together a dining guide inspired by Foodprint. Check out the photography exhibition at SALT Beyoglu and then head out into the streets armed with our dining guide to see how the Mediterranean Diet is alive in the backstreets of Istanbul!


Art in the office

24.11.2022 Greece

A limited selection of the foodprint photographs is displayed at the offices of the Goethe-Institut Athen, in a small scale exhibition curated by Stamos Michael.

A limited number of visitors will have the opportunity to get a sneak-peek of the major exhibition which will presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Athens ΕΜΣΤ in October 2023.


Open Sandwich Workshop

16.10.2022 Turkey

An Open Sandwich Workshop -on the occasion of the World Food Day- is organised by Cevahir Akbaş, photographer and founder of the alternative food blog Kavanoz Studio. Participants design open sandwiches with plant-based ingredients that are part of the Mediterranean food culture. Aiming to produce alternatives to the recipes we are accustomed to, the workshop explores the unlimited transformations of food through improvisation and creativity.

The workshop is held in the Kitchen area of ​​Salt Beyoğlu on Sunday, October 16 at 14.00 and 16.00. Workshop participants are not required to bring materials.

Salt Beyoğlu
İstiklal Caddesi 136
Beyoğlu 34430 İstanbul Türkiye
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T +90 212 377 42 00

Exhibition: Istanbul

14.10.2022 Turkey

Foodprint opens at the 19th century building of Salt Beyoğlu.
A contemporary art institution founded in 2011, Salt explores critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivates innovative programs for research and experimental thinking.
The Istanbul opening coincides with the UN World Food Day (October 16th) and a series of events run by Salt in relation to climate change and sustainability. On this occasion, the exhibition is enriched with photographs by Turkish photographer Cansu Yıldıran.
CLICK HERE to see Cansu’s photos.

Salt Beyoğlu
İstiklal Caddesi 136
Beyoğlu 34430 İstanbul Türkiye
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T +90 212 377 42 00